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Various types of disasters eventually strike all organizations despite our best efforts and precautions.  These disasters are usually unanticipated and unannounced.  The very existence of an organization may be threatened by natural disasters or other disruptive events.  Well-prepared organizations establish plans, procedures, and protocols to event disruptive where possible and mitigate the effects that any form of disaster may have on operations.  The overall aim is protection of life, continuity of operations, and to help facilitate a speedy return to working order.  Organizations must consider the business critical aspects of operations including processes, data, and resource requirements

Benefits of BCI Courses to Your Organization

These courses will support your efforts in creating or improving existing plans which can be the crucial element enabling your business to build organizational resilience and survive disruptions.  The program content is designed to drive the highest standards in global Business Continuity practice and leverages the current global thinking in Business Continuity.

Who Should Attend?

In a disaster, leaders from several different areas within the organization will be required to work together for the business to survive.  Professionals from multiple disciplines and areas of responsibility within your organization will benefit from the insights to good Business Continuity practice and the expertise of our highly qualified instructor who brings the material to life and makes it relevant to your business model. 

BCI Courses Include:

Good Practice Guidelines Training Course

Crisis and Incident Management Course

Business Impact Analysis (BIA) Training Course

Writing Business Continuity Plans Course

Exercise Planning Course 




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