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Security Management Consulting

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Our Approach: 

We believe that security exists to support the organization's goals and objectives and therefore:

  • Security should be aligned to the organization's Vision and Mission
  • Security must provide adequate safeguards for the organization's people, assets, and property

We understand the importance of collaboration between the client and the consultants; therefore our approach seeks to foster a team effort where the consultants partner with clients to capture current challenges and requirements.

All analysis and recommendations are aligned to internationally accepted standards and guidelines in the field of Security.  Such standards include but are not limited to the following:

  • ASIS International ANSI (American National Standard by the American National Standards Institute) Accredited Standards
  • ISO 22301 Societal security –Business continuity management systems
  • Critical Infrastructure Facility Standards and Best Practices

The following considerations are observed throughout the review in accordance with best practice:

  • The resources available
  • The assets to be protected
  • The threat to those assets
  • The risk levels applicable to those assets
  • The applicable regulatory requirements for protecting the assets
  • The applicable level of protection for those assets against the threat
  • Additional vulnerabilities to the assets based on the threat

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  • Security Risk Assessments
  • Security Audits/Vulnerability Assessments
  • Security Plan Development
  • Corporate Investigations & Background Checks
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measure Advisory
  • Information Security Advisory

Related Training Services:

  • Security Awareness Training (All Staff)
  • Security Management Training (Security Professionals)