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Our Philosophy

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Our work is driven by and reflects our beliefs. Our beliefs propel us to meet a significant need in the world and exceed our customers' expectations.  

We believe that:

1. Disasters and Disruptions Can Happen Anytime.  The time to develop resilience is now.  We strive to provide services and solutions that will enable organizations to be prepared for all types of disasters and disruptions.

2. Integrity Must Never be Compromised or Sacrificed. We will never compromise on our integrity.  Sometimes that means turning down business, and we are happy to refuse any business that would require us to compromise our integrity.  We believe that our clients appreciate our qualities of trust, reliability, and honesty.  

3. Excellence is Our Only Option.  We won't ever settle for anything less than excellence in every service or product that we provide. 

4. Building Capacity is Our Responsibility.  We seek opportunities to share knowledge with organizations and their staff.  In every training session and project we strive to ensure the client organization has benefited from our partnership by building capacity within the organization.


To be the preferred provider of risk, business continuity, and resilience consultancy and training services in the Caribbean region.


To provide the Caribbean Community with best in class risk advisory and training services utilizing a readily available cadre of highly qualified professionals who perform their tasks in an efficient and effective and ethical manner.


Our Values

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Brison's Leaders operate under our core value system which guides our approach to each and every engagement. Our Core values are represented below. Each core value represents part of an unbreakable chain:


Company Profile

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As you climb to new heights, our services keep your business anchored.  Brison is a full service operational risk training and consultancy firm with specialized expertise in security management and business continuity management.  We pride ourselves in our technical competence. Our consultants are leaders in their fields.  We have a strong focus on ethics and confidentiality which we do not compromise on.  Our business model is designed with you- the client in mind.


Our Competitive Advantage

At Brison we have the right mix of international qualifications, experience, recognition and appreciation of the local context to serve the Americas region.  Our technical competence is well respected globally.  Brison has already created strategic alliances with other global leaders in our industry to deliver results to the customer in a seamless manner.  We are the licensed training provider for the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) in the Americas region and offer their flagship certification program for CBCI designation.  In addition, Brison is also a partner with the Professional Evaluation and Certification Board (PECB) and deliver both the ISO 22301 Lead Implementer and ISO 31000 Lead Risk manager programs.

Handling Risk Intelligently

Our objective is to partner with your business through providing services that allow you to pursue your goals and objectives while managing the risks that if unmitigated could lead to business failure.  Our services include Consulting and Training.  In every project we seek to empower clients with our focus on client-side capacity building.